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Scalable infrastructure for your next web 3 app

The DEX | Powered by Blockparty

The NFT Protocol ($NFT) DEX leverages BP data indexing to provide fast and reliable search functionality for traders looking to swap any NFT across the entire Ethereum or Polygon chains.



Fast and reliable access to NFT data

We're building some of the world's fastest and most reliable infrastructure to power the next generation of NFT projects and applications.

Every Web3 app needs a way to interact with data, but building your own indexer is time-consuming and expensive. Now you can leave the legwork to us.

Our indexer processes up to 100k tokens per minute, so you can query the most current data available with very low latency. And it's easily customizable to monitor any specific collection and retrieve metadata changes as well.

Access to all token metadata and media

Our indexer automatically identifies and captures metadata changes, and stores everything in one place, making it easy to work with at any scale.

Query contract addresses, token balances, even thumbnails and media. Build automations, monitor on-chain events, power dynamic NFTs applications - the possibilities are endless.

We’re standardizing the way you work with data -- on-chain and off, to create a better system for all.

All in one easy-to-use API built on GraphQL

Our database is optimized to be fully accessible via our GraphQL API, to standardize the way you work with on- and off-chain data at any scale.

Get instant access to all the data you need to start building your next app. It's simple to set up, and fully customizable, to get you up and running in no time.

Think of it like your new Web3 backend in a box.

Customizable Solutions For All Kinds of Web3 Applications

The perfect base layer for any dApp that interacts with NFT data and needs a way to display on or off-chain media and metadata.
Optimized to power applications that rely on fast and efficient access to NFT data for trading and commerce.
The ideal solution for capturing metadata and media changes instantly to power a wide range of dynamic NFT applications.
Easily configured for building record-keeping apps, historical registries, and cataloguing and displaying on- and off-chain IP.

Our mission is to empower creatives to build self-sovereign economies around their work

and close the gap between primary and secondary markets for all

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