The Node

The Definitive Web3 Toolkit for NFT Drops, Trading & Indexing

Blockparty is a set of building blocks for creating rich, integrated experiences on the blockchain. Our ambition is to provide fast NFT data and scalable smart contract infrastructure to empower the creator economy. Built for creators, developers and Web3 visionaries.

What We’ve Done


Launched our NFT marketplace for legacy artists, professional athletes and major brands


Partnered with NFT Protocol to build a robust decentralized NFT trading infrastructure, launched V2 of our marketplace, and powered releases for major artists and brands like SHL0MS, Aimos, Chad Knight and Atari


Built out V2 of our node for large-scale NFT indexing and built custom drop pages for the likes of Trudy Lines, Goose and NFTSea


Closed down our marketplace as we geared up to launch our new suite of tools that make it easy to build with NFT data, power custom trading interfaces, and host community drops on your own domain

Where We’re Going







PlatformNode V2


Node V2 QA

Our node is undergoing meticulous testing and evaluation to deliver a dependable and exceptional product that meets your specifications.

Node V2 Alpha

The Alpha testing phase will involve a limited release for comprehensive testing and evaluation purposes.

Node V3


Contracts QA

The contracts' QA phase involves thorough quality checks for compliance and accuracy.

Contracts Alpha

The Alpha testing phase will involve a limited release for comprehensive testing and evaluation purposes.

Contracts Beta

The contracts' beta release offers wider public access for testing and feedback.

MultiDEX Alpha

Enabled by the contracts & node, The UI alpha release showcases an early user interface for testing and feedback.

MultiDEX Beta


Since 2017, we’ve launched several artists careers and gained a unique appreciation of the industry landscape. We listen and live the challenges to create solutions that drive innovation and sustainable growth.


Our node infrastructure makes Web3 development easy and prolific, acting as a powerful foundation for building NFT applications. The DEX is just the first app to leverage our node. Now, we’re on a mission to support countless Web3 destinations.


Digital sovereignty is key to unlocking the next chapter of growth and innovation in Web3. Our mission is to empower creators, developers and brands with all the tools and data building blocks they need to bring their creative visions to life. Read Our Vision

Our Enterprise Solutions

Have an idea for an NFT project or application? We’ll work with you on a case-by-case basis to create fully customizable Web3 solutions uniquely tailored to your needs

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