The Node


Andyet thepromiseof a betterinternetremains…

Despite mainstream perception, the Web3 space is still growing. The market for NFTs is still massive. And the true builders and believers are still working toward a common vision to empower self-sovereignty. The true artists and innovators are still creating and growing.

But the last thing we need is another NFT marketplace.

Major platforms continue to be increasingly centralized, gatekeeping access to Web3 tools, controlling royalties while forcing creators to become more reliant on the platforms themselves.

We need to think
about building
for the next
100 years...

If we want to see this space last, it’s our responsibility to lead the shift toward a more sustainable long-term model in favor of creative experimentation and true innovation, to create more dynamic decentralized applications.

That’s why we’re making a pledge — to invest in building a better foundation for Web3 creators to be able to build truly self-sovereign economies around themselves and their communities.

It’s time to create better infrastructure for
working with NFT data.

Our NFT Data Indexer provides builders and brands with all the building blocks they need to bring their creative visions to life. Our ambition is to unlock the next chapter of growth and innovation in Web3 by making NFT data more open, collaborative, and accessible. Learn more

It’s time to empower
every creator to
become their own on-chain marketplace.

Creators and projects shouldn’t have to rely on centralized platforms and aggregators that control their royalties. Our MultiDEX toolkit allows you to seamlessly embed NFT trading directly into your website or application with fully on-chain order creation, storage and execution.

It’s time we all reset our focus on not just what’s trending today, but what creators will need well into the future if we want to leave the internet in a better place than we found it.

We’re excited to introduce our NFT Data Indexer and MultiDEX products launching in 2023.

We’re currently looking for alpha partners with big ideas to build with. If your project might be a good fit for our NFT Data Indexer or MultiDEX toolkit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!